Portable Vinyl Record Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Portable Vinyl Record Heavy Duty Carrying Case

for 30+ Albums with Removable Lid (RT05)

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Portable Vinyl Record Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Vinyl Record Carrying Case

Don't say goodbye to your favorite songs every time you leave the house. With an Electrohome Vinyl Record Carrying Case, you can conveniently transport up to 30 records (all sizes) with you anywhere you go. Whether you are planning to provide the music for a party, woo a date over some romantic music or just enjoy a great soundtrack wherever you happen to be, a carrying case for your vinyl is the first step.

Vintage Retro Style

The Electrohome Vinyl Record Carrying Case is more than just a practical possession: It's also stylish. Carrying your LPs becomes effortlessly chic thanks to a simple and sleek design that calls on the style of the 1960s. Whether the vinyl case is placed next to an original, mid-century record player or a contemporary stereo, it will pair beautifully. The case boasts a black vinyl finish with metallic hardware to give it an elegant look.

Removable Lid Provides Unbeatable Accessibility

It will be easier than ever to find that perfect album thanks to the removable lid of the Electrohome Vinyl Record Carrying Case. Set it down next to your record player, pop off the lid and browse through the neatly organized albums. When you set off for your next destination, simply put the top back on to protect your albums along the way.

Durable Case Designed to Last

Protect your precious records from dust, humidity, and physical damage with a heavy duty case built to last. The body itself is made of tough MDF-grade wood (measures 13.75” x 6.75” x 15.5”). Even better, there are reinforced corner guards to protect your valuable albums from damage as corners are often the first part of a carrying case to wear.

Strengthened Carrying Handle

This handle holds strong even when the case is full of up to 30 albums. Have some peace of mind knowing you don't have to worry about travelling with your favorite records.


Portable Vinyl Record Heavy Duty Carrying Case
Dimensions (External) 13.75” x 6.75” x 15.5”
Dimensions (Internal) 12.625” x 5.75” x 13.25” (includes lid space)
Carrying Capacity 30 Records
Load 29.5 KG
UPC 061783261842
What's Included
  • 1 Vinyl record carrying case
  • 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.
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