Karaoke Machine Speaker System

Karaoke Machine Speaker System

with CD+G Player & Smartphone Input (EAKAR300)

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Karaoke Machine Speaker System

Karaoke Machine Speaker System

Electrohome brings you a stylish Karaoke Speaker System with high quality sound and an electrifying blue party light, all you need is a TV to display the lyrics on-screen. Like to sing, but don’t have a big library of CD+G music? We’ve solved that. The ability to connect your smartphone or tablet through the 3.5mm auxiliary input puts literally thousands of high-quality online karaoke songs at your fingertips. Use it at home or take it on a tour to friends and neighbors' homes – the possibilities are endless.

Sing a Duet with a Friend

You can be the host who throws parties that people will never forget when you add an additional mic into the mix. Singing in groups of two or more adds even more fun (additional mic sold separately).

Digital Echo Control – The Karaoke Singer’s Secret Weapon

With just the turn of a knob you can become a superstar! Have you ever wondered how your favorite artist gets that rich, full tone sound in their performance? The secret is the Digital Echo Control which lends a reverberation through the mic making your voice sound confident and more professional.

Auto Voice Control Can Help You Learn That Tune

One feature you'll love is the AVC Singing Coach. If you ever forget the lyrics, need a breath, or have to stop singing in the middle of your performance, this innovative feature will sense that your singing has tapered off and will fill in the words from prerecorded vocals.

Karaoke Disc with Popular Hits Included

Even if this is your first karaoke machine, the included disc will give you a catalogue of popular songs to choose from for hours of karaoke entertainment.


Unit Colour Black
Finish Plastic Injection, with Blue Light effect
Master Volume Yes
Echo Control Yes
Balance Control Yes
Auto Voice Control Yes
CD Control Yes
Microphone Volume Control Yes
Repeat Yes
Inputs 2 x 6.3mm microphone, 1 x Aux
Program Tracks Yes
Power Source AC 120V, 60Hz
Demo Disc 30 songs – CD+G
Length of cable (mic) 10 ft
Speaker Size 1 x 3W 8Ohm
RCA Cable L/R Audio input/output, video input/out
Power Consumption 12W
Dimensions 14”x10.6”x12.5”
Unit Weight 7.21
Certifications ICES, FCC Certified, CUL/UL, ETL/CETL
UPC 871363017253
What's Included
  • Karaoke CD+G Player Speaker System
  • Dynamic Microphone (10ft cord, ¼ inch plug)
  • CD+G Multiplex Karaoke Disc with Music from Various Artists
  • RCA Audio/Video Composite Connection Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Guy Q January 18, 2017

    Nice product. Great design. Speakers could be louder.
    Donna in customer service was great to deal with.

    Chevy T August 18, 2015

    I Ordered this for my Daughter's 7th Birthday after I had ordered a different brand from another company and received it 3 days before her birthday and hated it! So needless to say that one got returned....Well Amazon came through with the delivery as well as the product! I love it. I received it in time to throw it in amongst 7 kids whom of which hand a share in singing away with this machine. It's perfect! I love it! It works well with our Ipods and the volume of the mic is perfect as well as the Auto Voice Control and Echo. It's well worth the money! Buy it, and you will see!
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    L. Turner "will work 4 books." August 18, 2015

    This machine meets expectations as advertised.
    There is only one microphone
    Machine does not support record/playback.
    There is an aux port so you can hook-up an mp3 player through a 3.5 mm jack.
    The quality is far superior to the competition in similar price range.
    The speaker volume is not quite what I expected- however, the teens who used it were satisfied.
    Easy to understand/ hook up with 3 channel audio, video cords. Plugged right into my television.
    Consider investing in a nicer microphone to use with this system- I did- and its great!
    Shipping was fast, and well packaged.
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    Twhite August 18, 2015

    This machine is awesome. It is easy to use and takes about 3 minutes to setup. Sound is great and microphone has a very long cord. Perfect for home use!!!!
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    charles s herndon jr August 18, 2015

    We have a musician in our home now involved in jazz vocal instruction who was in need of a karaoke for practicing the CD backing from their lessons. With Santa Claus just around the corner, I read most of the affordable karaoke reviews on Amazon knowing I wanted a machine at entry level that was relatively well-made, simple to operate, not a toy, and aesthetically appealing enough to remain out vs. be stowed after use. The Electrohome came to the top of the list via reviews in terms of what I was looking for; and once here and set-up, it looks and works just like it was supposed to- easily fulfilling our expectations. Operationally, it was easy to become familiar with. I thought the unit's audio worked on the basis of a self-contained speaker only and didn't know that it patched into our home receiver (&/or TV) like another component- this offers the advantage of both enhanced sound quality and volume. This is the karaoke to consider if you are looking for what I was.
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    PR August 18, 2015

    I bought this for my granddaughter. She is very musical and just loves it! I would highly recommed it to others.
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    Hawkman August 18, 2015

    This system is really nice and you can't beat the price! My daughter just loved it for her birthday. Would highly recommend.
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    KarenD August 18, 2015

    In searching for a Karaoke system for my 11 year old granddaughter, I researched lots of products and read tons of reviews. Finally settled on this Electrohome EAKAR300 and I'm so glad I did! I tested it when it arrived and had a lot of fun doing so. Easy to set up and operate, sounds great especially when audio is also coming through the television's speakers. Purchased a second microphone for double the fun. My granddaughter was so excited when she received this Christmas gift! I know she and her family and friends are going enjoy it very much.
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    John Busschaert "sacramentojohn" August 18, 2015

    We're getting married in May, and I bought this for the reception (and to have a microphone for speeches at dinner). Surprisingly, this is a pretty quality unit. We've been playing with it, and it works great. The sound is loud enough for your home, or (in our case) a garden patio. Probably not loud enough for a bar or professional application. I bought some CD+G's for this on Ebay (various manufacturers) and so far they all work great.
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    kimberly August 18, 2015

    I don't know who enjoys this more- my kids or myself. It comes with a few songs that display the lyrics on our TV. I've invested in a bunch more and we've been having a ball. Just be sure to set it on a sturdy surface because any vibration (like dancing kids) will make the CD skip.
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    zon Customer August 18, 2015

    I purchased this item, based on the great reviews it received thus far, for my 6-1/2 year old granddaughter as a Christmas gift. The item was shipped very quickly to me and arrived in what appears to be excellent condition, but I have already wrapped it up to put under the Christmas tree and, therefore, cannot give a review of the product, itself, thus far, but will come back after Christmas to make the review complete, in what we hope will result in a very happy granddaughter. I was offered an extended warranty for this item if I reviewed this Karaoke player within 20 days time, so, since Christmas is farther off than 20 days, I can only give a review of the shipping and receipt of product at this time, in order to receive the extended warranty. I will come back after Christmas, however, to complete this review...I even set up a reminder on my phone and calendar to remind me! In another review, someone mentioned that they purchased another microphone, so more than one person could sing, which is something I never considered, so I think I will go ahead and purchase one to add to my gift. Review follow-up after Christmas.
    12/27/12 - Well, our granddaughter just loves this, and her 2 year old sister and her daddy were very happy that there were 2 microphones, so they could try their hand at singing along with her, so I'm glad I ended up purchasing the extra microphone. This was a big huge hit!
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    The rose center August 18, 2015

    So easy to use; we had it set up in less than half an hour and my 10 year old loves to sing with it. She pulls up songs on Youtube with the lyrics and the karaoke machine plays her voice over the video. We can even play regular CD's on it and she can sing along with the lyrics in the cd or from memory. We got the Rhett and Link cd and have been having a great time singing along with that.
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    nam August 18, 2015

    Bought this for my daughter's 11th birthday slumber party. The girls loved it and that is all they wanted to do. The singer has to be familiar with the song because even though the words are displayed on the TV one has to keep up to the music. The music can be hard to hear with a bunch of girls laughing. But, they didn't seem to mind any of that...they just thought it was fun!
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    S Giblin August 18, 2015

    My 8 year old daughter LOVES it. This is a great product, and has great sound. This product is very user friendly my daughter had it figured out in a matter of a few minutes.
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

    Kelly Nelson August 18, 2015

    I wanted a karaoke machine that I could use my MP3 player (iPod), CDs, and displayed the words on my HDTV. This machine does it all! It was hard to find one that met all my requirements. We just opened it for Christmas and so far so good! The instructions are a little lacking. They don't describe how to work the MP3 player with it, but I'm sure we can figure it out. Also, it only comes with one microphone. The packaging seems a little misleading about the microphones. It was easy to set up and to use and my kids love it!!
    <i>Verified purchase from Electrohome trusted store</i>.

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